If you registered before Wednesday June 27TH, Your registration information may not have been saved due to computer malfunction. Any and all cheques you sent in are received and accounted for. We would like you just to simple re-submit what you registered for so we can be accurate with our estimates. The new end registeration date will be postponed to JULY 18.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused

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 Grant Robinson isn't getting much response from anyone in regards to organizing the paintball activities for Homecoming weekend. Robinson says that a only few people have expressed interest and he isn't sure at this point if it is going to go ahead or not.
    "If people don't contact me and let me know for sure that they want to participate, then we may cancel," he said.
     Robinson explained that it takes a lot of work to set up and he has some friends coming to help out and there is no point of going to all the effort required if no one is going to show up. He also needs to know some kind of numbers before ordering paint and extra guns.
    If you, or your kids, or friends are interested in paintball on the Homecoming weekend please contact Grant Robinson




One of the many happenings at the Consort Centennial Celebration is the Saturday supper which will take place in the Consort Sportex August 4,2012.

The Consort Centennial 2012 Committee needs people to bake cakes to make a spectacular Quilt Cake to serve at the Saturday evening supper. It will be cut and served in the arena.


Cake sized 9 in. X 13 in. on cardboard base. Decorated on top only. Cakes may be any flavor but no nuts please! Please Freeze your cake and bring frozen. Cakes will be iced together on site to make the quilt. Deliver to Arena between Thursday Aug 2 and Friday August 3. There will be a spot designated just for the cakes there. Please be creative. Family names, business logos, flags, scenes etc.

Please call Christina Gillespie 403-577-2830 or Trish Kelts 403-577-2998 to register your cake. We are looking for 60 cakes so we need lots of you to showcase your talent and help us out!! Thank you in advance for your support!

Consort Centennial Committee


This website is designed to keep you informed of Consort's Centennial and the events that will occur.  We will keep you updated as the celebration approaches.

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